Cover book - Edited

Authored by David Walpuck

Illustrated by Kevin Callahan

134pp, ISBN: 9781480081727, 6X9″, 01/15/2013

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There are certain parts of life that are not a choice-such as breathing and  eating. Like the air we breathe, when it comes to food, we trust that it is
safe, that those we get it from have our best interest at heart.

The truth,  however, is far more disturbing.  Join David Walpuck, a Certified Professional  in Food Safety (CP-FS), as he takes you on a guided journey through restaurants,  grocery stores, hospitals, quick service establishments, schools, and corporate  food services that make up the majority of our eating environment. From the quick service food establishment with mold and cockroaches thriving in its ice  machine while it is open with a line out the door, to the grocery store with  packages of ham that expired one full year prior, his stories shine a light on  the fact that negligence, laziness, and a desire to increase profits often  exceed the desire to do the job the right way. Food recalls are at an all-time  high and drug resistant strains of bacteria, contamination spreading to  non-traditional food items, more imported food, and improper food handling  practices are all on the rise. In short, the risk of getting sick is increasing  and if we are not careful, we may be on the verge of another food-borne illness  outbreak.  Written to educate and to expose some of the unsanitary practices   that he has seen in retail food service establishments, author David Walpuck’s   collection of short stories is as fascinating as it is relevant. Full of  entertaining examples that are sometimes almost too crazy to believe, he takes  the time to outline how these situations can be averted as well as the specific  repercussions possible for each violation.

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