David Walpuck has over twenty years in the food service industry; is a  Certified Professional in Food Safety (CP-FS) and Trainer from the National Environmental  Health Association; an Administrator for The National Registry of Food Safety  Professionals, Certified in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) from Rutgers University and offers over ten years experience auditing, consulting and teaching food safety.

Hailing from Tarrytown, New York, the home of famous author Washington Irving, who wrote such tales as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, Walpuck has combined his literary touch with his passion for the food industry.

Inspired to write this collection of short stories from not only from what he has witnessed as an industry professional, but also, as a consumer like the rest of us, sharing the stories from the issues that we face on a daily basis when purchasing food from a variety of retail outlets, going out to eat at one to five star restaurants and when at home deciding on which of the food in the refrigerator, and in the kitchen cabinets, is still safe to consume.

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Connect with David Walpuck on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dwalpuck



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